Established in 2006 as a Treatment and priming plant, ITI Chile was created to both service ITI Australia’s ever growing need for high quality finger jointed and laminated treated wood products and to introduce our treated wood products to the North America market. Chile was the perfect place to establish our treating and priming lines due to the vast availability of sustainably grown and harvested radiata pine. In 2006 when the plant was built it was the most technically advanced LOSP treatment plant in Chile and remains so to this day.

In 2010 ITI Chile expanded from a treatment and priming plant to a fully integrated remanufacturing facility by purchasing the remanufacturing plant next door which had a capacity of 30 containers a month This was a major change for the business in Chile as it now allowed ITI Chile to control every aspect of quality and the production processes.

In 2016 ITI Chile invested heavily into the plant replacing many manual outdated production processes with state of the art automated equipment such as scanning and optimizing technology, high speed finger jointing, increased kiln capacity, laminating presses, borate treatment line and many more upgrades. Not only has this multi-million dollar investment expanded capacity to 90 containers a month, it has ensured that our products now meet the highest quality standards for both the Australian and the North American markets.

ITI Chile is strategically position in the Coronel district of Concepcion which puts it on the door step of the major port in Coronel.

ITI Chile sits on 51.000 m2 (13 acres) of land and has 22.500 m2 (5.5 acres) of buildings.

Like our distribution businesses in Australia & NZ, ITI Chile is built on providing our customer in Australia and the USA with high quality products that are fit for purpose and made to the ITI standard. To our customers we are more than just suppliers of high quality wood products, we are business partners that work closely together to ensure a strong future for both.