Sustainable Future

ITI Chile markets something that is becoming increasingly rare in today's world. Totally natural products from a sustainable resource—in this case, plantation pine.

Given that pine forests have the unique ability to renew themselves in less than twenty years, the environmental impact—from either a local or global perspective—is negligible. Furthermore the low energy requirement for growing, milling and processing wood is a real advantage in this increasingly energy-stretched world.

Compare this sustainability with the massive depletion of fossil fuels associated with the manufacture of plastics or metals. While these are essential components in many building products, they presently offer no advantages in traditional wood applications over the natural product in terms of performance or appearance.

Our passion for wood is driven by a passion for the environment. Beyond the fact that wood is the most “human friendly” of building materials, with extraordinary versatility and unique aesthetic appeal, there is the simple fact that forests are key to life on earth. Their stewardship is an environmental necessity, and our business is one that both allows this and actively promotes it.