About ITI Chile

ITI Chile was established in 2006 as a Treatment and priming plant. The treatment facility was and still is the most technically advanced treatment plant in Chile and we have priming capacity in both and OIL / Vacuum Painting lines. We work exclusively with sustainably grown radiata pine.

In 2010 ITI acquired a Remanufacturing plant, which is located next door to our treatment and priming plant (ex Windsor One plant).

ITI Chile is an integrated F/J Radiata Pine Wood manufacturer, from green lumber to finished products. Located strategically in Concepción, close to ports and forest supply.

ITI Chile sits on 51.000 m2 ( 13 acres) of land and has 16.500 m2 (4 acres) of buildings.

ITI Chile current monthly production capacity is 1600 m3, about 40 containers per month.

ITI Chile produces a high quality product and has gained a reputation in Australia as a producer of the best timber FJ treated product from Chile. We have a consistent and reliable monthly program to customers in both the USA and Australia.